Medicines360 IUD

Medicines360 Product

Medicines360 is changing access to contraceptives with a unique approach to removing the many barriers in obtaining the best options. The first step was to create our own high quality, accessible, long-acting reversible contraceptive. But medicines can only work if they reach the people who need them most. Our approach empowers women, making our Medicines360 IUD more accessible to all women.

Effective and Reliable

Out of 100 women using an IUD, less than one will get pregnant. Compare that to the pill, which is expected to fail NINE women out of 100.

Easy to Use

An IUD can be inserted during a routine gynecologist’s visit. Once in place, they can protect against pregnancy for up to 5 or 10 years depending on the type.

Provides Options

Unlike some forms of birth control, the IUD can be easily removed when a woman is ready to get pregnant. Most women are able to get pregnant almost immediately after removal because in general, IUDs do not act by inhibiting ovulation.

The truth about IUDs