Product Description

  The first Medicines360 product in development is an LNG-IUD that slowly releases the hormone levonorgestrel. In partnership with Actavis and pending FDA approval, this product will be made available in public clinics and private practices in the U.S. In general, IUD's can prevent pregnancy up to 20 times more effectively than the pill, patch or vaginal rings.  Access to effective birth control for all women is crucial for empowerment around their health and life choices.

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How Does a Hormonal IUD Work?

Hormonal IUDs are known amongst healthcare professionals to be one of the most reliable methods of birth control. An IUD is a small, flexible piece of plastic that a trained health care provider places into your uterus. Once in place, an IUD blocks sperm from fertilizing the eggs for three to 10 years, depending on the product. There’s no need to take a pill, get a shot or make repeated trips to the drugstore. And, when you decide you’re ready to get pregnant, just have your doctor take it out. It's that simple.

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