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Collaboration to Develop State-of-the-Art Levonorgestrel Releasing Intrauterine Device (LNG IUD) As Highly Effective Long-acting Reversible Contraceptive

SAN FRANCISCO – Medicines360, the US-based non-profit that addresses unmet medical needs of women and children by developing innovative, affordable and sustainable medical solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with European women’s health pharmaceutical company Uteron Pharma Operations (UPO), based in Liege Belgium, to develop a long-acting LNG IUD. As part of the collaborative agreement, Uteron is responsible for the design and manufacture of the product, and Medicines360 is responsible for Phase III clinical development.

Levonorgestel IUDs are one of the most frequently used and safe long-acting contraceptives in the world.

The objective of the Medicines360’s-Uteron partnership, is to gain regulatory approval through the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and a European regulatory health authority for an LNG IUD as a means for long-acting reversible contraception for ultimate approval around the world, including the developing world. The LNG IUD is one of the first products to be introduced by the privately-funded Medicines360, and is designed to provide highly effective, reversible contraception for at least five years.

Medicines360 launched this year as a non-profit and self-sustaining social enterprise focused on women’s health, and dedicated to developing products for use in both the public and private sectors. Commercial sales of Meds360 products to private payors are intended to subsidize and sustain Medicines360’s public sector mission.

“We are delighted to forge this innovative partnership with Uteron Pharma Operations to provide all women around the world with access to this state-of-the-art long-acting reversible contraception,” said Dr. Victoria Hale, Medicines360’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

“As a pharmaceutical company with a history and track record of dedication to innovation in women’s health, we’re pleased to partner with Medicines360, who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to this collaboration,” noted Stijn Van Rompay, Chief Executive Officer of Uteron Pharma Operations. “The partnership allows us to fully leverage our research and development skills, and we anticipate successful development and subsequent commercialization.”

About Medicines360

Medicines360 is a 501(c)(3) US nonprofit organization established in 2009 as a self-sustaining social enterprise to address the global health needs of women and children.

M360 Media Contact

Sedef Onder – 212.699.3761/office or 212.464.7332/mobile

Uteron Pharma Operations (UPO)

UPO, a wholly owned subsidiary of Uteron Pharma Holding, is dedicated to the development of pharmaceutical devices using different long-acting release technologies. UPO has research labs and employs a production site located in Liege (Belgium). Its levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine device, developed together with the University of Liege, is currently in clinical development.

Contact: Eric Poskin – +32 (0)477 205 771

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