How America’s Nonprofit Pharma Industry Can Increase Access to Affordable Drugs

Access to affordable healthcare remains one of the largest issues in the United States. As we enter a new decade, we have the opportunity to create lasting change in drug pricing.

Today, we join leaders across the nonprofit pharmaceutical industry to underscore the serious challenges facing Americans in accessing affordable drugs. Together, we hope to elevate the role of nonprofit pharmaceutical companies like ours in helping to address these challenges.

As a nonprofit, Medicines360 answers to our mission: to remove cost as a barrier to health by developing and providing quality, affordable women’s health products. We estimate that, by offering our product at a price substantially below the 340B ceiling price set by statute to qualifying 340B public health centers in the U.S., we have saved the public health system more than $57 million since launch.*

Even better, we are not alone. We’re proud to join with CivicaRx, Drew Quality Group, Fair Access Medicines, Harm Reduction Therapeutics, and NP2 to demonstrate how nonprofit pharmaceutical companies can effectively decrease the cost of medicines and increase access.

We’ve written a letter to spur conversation in Congress on how to give nonprofit pharmaceutical companies a real chance to fulfill their missions to deliver medicines at a lower cost. Our letter is based on a set of policy options for lawmakers to consider in a whitepaper entitled “Nonprofit Pharmaceutical Companies: Background, Challenges, and Policy Options” from Waxman Strategies, a mission-driven consulting firm led by former Congressman Henry Waxman.

Nonprofit pharmaceutical companies are uniquely positioned to address the systemic issues in drug access and affordability.

We invite you to join us in our work addressing the high cost of health care. Nonprofit pharmaceutical companies have been left out of the conversation and we are here to share with you how our solution can address the systemic issues in drug access and affordability.

* Data on file. Medicines360: San Francisco, CA.

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