Three Things to Know About Our New Vice President of Communications & Marketing

At Medicines360, our culture is built on a shared passion for advancing women’s health, driven by a team of experts who know the science, and trailblazers who shape new systems and construct solutions for the challenges women face every day.

When Stacey Manley previously worked at Medicines360, it marked his first foray into social impact work after nearly two decades in brand advertising. This shift in trajectory later took him to positions in private and community philanthropy, where his work focused on developing communications to help scale social change solutions. As our new Vice President of Communications & Marketing, he brings to Medicines360 deep experience in strategic communications, brand identity, organizational development, and social impact analysis to help advance our efforts to close critical gaps in women’s healthcare.

We recently checked in with Stacey to welcome him back, chat about what he’s been up to, and get his perspective on the future of communications for the organization.

Welcome back, Stacey! For those who haven’t had a chance to work with you yet, can you explain what made you choose this opportunity to return to Medicines360?

Having been back in the saddle for a few months now, returning to Medicines360 feels a lot like a homecoming. It is a welcomed chance to partner with people who practice what it means to be mission‐ driven. Demonstrating fidelity to purpose is at the heart of our organizational decision‐making, and this quality is consistent with the philanthropic institutions where I most recently worked. In my estimation, this kind of focus and commitment is necessary to facilitate meaningful societal change. Over the years, Medicines360 has made tremendous progress in helping women access affordable medicines. I’m incredibly excited to help tell our larger story in ways that will inspire additional entrants and catalyze more investment in the space. More than ever, we must make it easier for nonprofit pharma organizations like ours to fill the gaps and increase access to potentially life‐changing medicines.

How do your background and previous experience position you to make an impact for women through your work at Medicines360?

When I joined Medicines360 nearly a decade ago, it represented my first foray into social impact work after almost two decades in the private sector and an inflection point in my career as a brand communications professional. Until then, I had built a skill set rooted in affecting consumer buying behaviors but quickly realized that impacting attitudes was also the precursor to shifting narratives that allow us to take on the most pressing societal challenges. This discovery led me to explore more communications roles in social impact, where I developed strategies and campaigns that challenged outmoded ways of thinking about longstanding social disparities. I’m excited to bring this perspective to Medicines360 and focus on how we can leverage our reputational identity as a strategic, organizational asset.

Why is Medicines360’s mission and work important in the current environment?

Despite women’s social, economic, and political achievements, there are still significant gaps in access to healthcare. This is largely a function of a system that has not prioritized developing structures or services necessary to meet the basic health and life needs of all. While Medicines360’s core expertise lies in product development, the vision to which we aspire includes helping to create the conditions necessary for change to happen. And the timing of our work could not be better. As our country continues examining inequities across society, more and more there is a realization that addressing structural issues requires imagining new models and systems that will enable each person to reach their fullest potential. And getting access to needed medicines is central to that objective.

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