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In the Wake of Supreme Court Decision, Medicines360 Stands With Women

Nonprofit women’s health pharmaceutical organization affirms commitment to expand access to birth control in U.S

San Francisco, CA – Today, following the Supreme Court’s release of the majority decision in  Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Medicines360 CEO Tina Raine-Bennett, MD, MPH, released the following statement:

“At Medicines360, our work is driven by our deep commitment to advancing a better, more equitable future for all women. We are a nonprofit pharmaceutical company that provides low cost, effective, long-acting contraceptive products that help women avoid unwanted pregnancies and abortions. We believe a critical part of ensuring that all women have control over their lives and their futures is ensuring that they can access comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion and contraception.

“By undercutting the right to privacy, today’s Supreme Court decision opens the floodgates to policy changes that could further erode decades of progress for all. In 1965, the Supreme Court majority based their decision in Griswold v. Connecticut around the right to privacy – a landmark decision that provided the first constitutional protection for birth control. In the wake of today’s decision, further rights are at risk, including the right to contraception.

“Our nonprofit mission has always been about closing critical gaps in women’s health care, and ensuring that women have access to the medicines and devices they need to live their best and fullest lives. We seek to address gaps for women who are disadvantaged and discriminated against in the health care system, the women this decision will disproportionately impact.

“That is why we recommit ourselves to serving these women today, and announce a strengthening of our partnership with Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization, to provide Medicines360’s hormonal IUD free of charge to clinics that serve the most vulnerable women in the United States.  We will continue our work to expand access to affordable birth control options – work that we know is all the more urgent in the days ahead.” 

About Medicines360

Located in San Francisco, California, Medicines360 is a nonprofit global women’s health pharmaceutical organization with a mission to catalyze equitable access to medicines and devices through product development, policy advocacy, and public sector engagement. Medicines360 is committed to working with healthcare providers, advocacy groups, and patients to deliver innovative and meaningful treatments that help women around the world have greater access to the medicines they need. For more information, visit

About Direct Relief

A humanitarian organization committed to improving the health and lives of people affected by poverty and emergencies, Direct Relief delivers lifesaving medical resources throughout the U.S. and world to communities in need—without regard to politics, religion, or ability to pay. For more information, visit

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