Author: David Kaiser-Jones

At the beginning of this year, an estimated 7.7 million women of reproductive age (15-44) in the United States were uninsured, with 2 million of these women living below the federal poverty level. As the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic has led to historic numbers of unemployment claims, it is estimated that millions more have lost […]

Access to affordable healthcare remains one of the largest issues in the United States. As we enter a new decade, we have the opportunity to create lasting change in drug pricing. Today, we join leaders across the nonprofit pharmaceutical industry to underscore the serious challenges facing Americans in accessing affordable drugs. Together, we hope to […]

When women can access affordable contraception, they can live their best and fullest lives. As part of our pioneering non-profit pharmaceutical business model, Medicines360 makes its product available at a  price substantially below the 340B ceiling price set by statute to clinics participating in the 340B Drug Pricing Program. A key component of measuring our […]

Medicines360 is a nonprofit women’s health pharmaceutical company in San Francisco. As a nonprofit, we answer to our mission: to remove cost as a barrier to health by developing and providing quality, affordable women’s health products. We were founded in 2009 and brought our first product to the U.S. market in 2015. We’re proud of […]

As Medicines360 commemorates World Contraception Day 2019, we recognize the work we’ve done and the work we have left to do. Too many women in the U.S. and across the globe still have difficulty accessing the full range of contraceptive options to live their lives on their own terms. In addition to improving contraceptive access […]

Medicines360 is delighted to announce that Margot Fahnestock has joined our team as Vice President of Strategic Development.  Margot will be responsible for planning, organizing, and implementing all of our high-impact strategic programming and fundraising efforts both in the U.S. and globally. Before Medicines360, Margot served as a Program Officer in the William and Flora […]