Your patients should have access to the medicines they need.

We’re working to make it easier.

A Company with a Unique Model

Medicines360 is a global, mission-driven, non-profit pharmaceutical company forging new ways to expand access to medicines for women.

How Our Work Helps You & Your Patients

Unintended pregnancy can hold women back. Women still face too many challenges to accessing the full range of contraceptive options.

We answer to our mission, not to a bottom line. That’s allowed us to pioneer a new way to lower pricing, expand availability, promote education for health professionals and women, and advocate for policies that support women. We use our unique non-profit model to offer a product that comes with a social benefit. When it’s used in the private practice setting, we reinvest our proceeds to offer it at a very low price to 340B safety-net clinics.


Designed & Tested for the Real World

Women and health care professionals need access to products designed to reflect patients’ diverse needs.

We talked to healthcare professionals working in a variety of settings to design our product and test it in the largest clinical trial of its kind in the U.S., with women from a range of ages, body mass indexes (BMI), ethnic backgrounds, family sizes and locations.