Our First Product

We developed our first product knowing that women who use contraceptives are diverse

Developed for Diverse Women

We developed our first product knowing that women who use contraceptives are diverse. In bringing the IUD to market, our first step was to design a new inserter that would meet the needs of a diverse population and support the needs of front-line health care professionals caring for patients.

In designing our clinical trials, it was just as important that our data reflected the diverse population of women in the U.S. It’s the kind of data that health care
professionals want and deserve. With critical input from physicians and nurse practitioners all over the country, we designed a trial to include a broad range of women, by age, race, body mass index (BMI) or parity (whether the woman had given birth to at least one child).

Helping Women Help Other Women

Costs and access to medicines is a growing problem, and with our first product, M360 developed a new way to lower limits to access. How does it work?

First, our product development and clinical trial work was funded by philanthropy. This has allowed us to create a sustainable model in making our long-acting reversible contraceptive available to women. We use our proceeds to make the product available to safety net clinics at a very low price. Our model has important system-wide benefits: a low-cost IUD option strengthens the ability of public sector clinics to meet the needs of all the women they serve.

M360’s unique model means that our product is the only one that comes with a social benefit: every woman who chooses it helps other women access it.