Our Team

Jeannie Kim

Interim Chief Business Officer

Jeannie brings 20 years of global corporate development and strategy experience in the Life Science industry across traditional pharmaceuticals/biotech and its growing integration across multiple life science verticals/sectors for the advancement of personalized medicine and value-based care.

During her career, Ms. Kim has successfully driven over 50 transactions in strategic partnerships and portfolio initiatives in oncology, rare/orphan diseases, neurology, metabolic disorders, infectious disease, and immunology – with a consistent track record in value creation and overcoming barriers for stuck innovations and/or undervalued assets, during the ambiguous times of strategic inflections.

She began her career designing surgical instruments & dialysis devices for Baxter International. After witnessing R&D projects she believed had promise get terminated, she learned good science/technology isn’t enough to successfully reach patients or build value for shareholders/investors.

She was inspired to get a business degree and transition to playing a greater role in the portfolio process and drive business development transactions that can build critical mass, mitigate risk, and realize impactful innovation/science – often at the intersection of pharma and medtech.

She previously held wide-ranging leadership roles with multinationals from GD Searle/Pharmacia/Pfizer, Johnson& Johnson, Philips Medical Systems, Thermo Fisher Scientific and public-private partnerships across academia and NGOs. She believes in compassionate leadership and enjoys leveraging her experience to drive growth for platform technologies, therapeutics, and people.

Jeannie holds a BSc in Biomedical/Mechanical Engineering, Masters in Engineering Management (specialization in Product Development, Innovation and Operational Management) and Masters in Business Administration from Northwestern University and Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, respectively, with studies in Business & Animal Law at Lewis & Clark Law, in Oregon.

She enjoys volunteering as a member of Northwestern’s Alumni Admissions Council and with Muttville’s Senior Dog Rescue foster program, with strong interests in creative arts, wildlife conservation and poverty alleviation.