Our Team

Sally Stephens

Chief Business Officer

Sally Stephens oversees Corporate Strategy, Business Development, Marketing/Sales, and the Developing Countries Program at Medicines360.

Ms. Stephens joined Medicines360 in 2011 and was instrumental in forming a groundbreaking partnership with Actavis, Inc. (now Allergan, plc) to develop, manufacture, and commercialize Medicines360’s hormonal IUD, LILETTA. Since the product was brought to market in 2015, she has overseen all business activities related to the successful commercialization and management of LILETTA.

Ms. Stephens has extensive experience working with non-profit and for-profit organizations, including the New York Blood Center, Kaiser Permanente, and nine years as VP of Business Development and Strategy at Novartis Diagnostics (formerly Chiron Corporation). In 2009, she founded an independent healthcare consultancy focused on implementing innovative strategies for a changing healthcare environment.

Ms. Stephens received her BS in Chemical Engineering from UC Berkeley and her MBA in Healthcare Management and Finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.