Birth control is . Let’s talk about it!

Hetal, 29, shares her experience with getting birth control in the face of cultural stigma and a lack of information.

It Shouldn’t Be This Hard

What’s the biggest barrier for women who need birth control? Feeling uncomfortable talking about it. (Cost is #2!)

#NotAwkward is encouraging positive conversations about birth control and reproductive health.

You can make a difference for other women just by sharing your story and quality information. We can learn from and lean on each other!

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Birth control can help women maintain control over their bodies. Talk with your friends and loved ones about all #birthcontrol options. #NotAwkward #BreakTheStigma

Communication is key in relationships! @CDCgov offers partner notification services for #STD diagnosis and prevention. Make health a priority by talking with your partner about #HIV risks and testing. #NotAwkward

Why is breaking stigma important to you? Patricia shares how she wants to create a future where women feel comfortable to discuss reproductive health. #NotAwkward

What does having access mean to you? Sheraelyn shares her take on how she would feel if she didn’t have access to birth control. #NotAwkward