Birth control is . Let’s talk about it!

Brittany, 28, shares what happened to her birth control when she lost insurance coverage.

It Shouldn’t Be This Hard

What’s the biggest barrier for women who need birth control? Feeling uncomfortable talking about it. (Cost is #2!)

#NotAwkward is encouraging positive conversations about birth control and reproductive health.

You can make a difference for other women just by sharing your story and quality information. We can learn from and lean on each other!

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What do you wish you knew the first time you got #birthcontrol? We’ve got you covered on all 18 FDA-approved methods. #NotAwkward

Starting #birthcontrrol can come with a lot of questions. Talking to your friends or partner about sexual health is a great way to find out more! #NotAwkward

Our survey found that of those who face barriers accessing #birthcontrol, the top reasons are feeling uncomfortable having open conversations, cost and not knowing the options. It doesn’t have to be this way, let’s talk about it! #NotAwkward